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Seeing the States! ?>

Seeing the States!

A few short weeks after the trip to Courchevel, it was the Easter school holidays and we were off to America! I had been looking forward to this trip because I’d never been to the states before and I was going to be staying in Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada. I was also dying to catch up with a friend living in Vegas whom I hadn’t seen in 4 years. The trip over was another ‘first’ for me, we…

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Wrapping up Croatia ?>

Wrapping up Croatia

There is a reason people go to Croatia for a great time, it is the perfect place to party and have fun without being too hectic. We spent nights out at some amazing places, as well as partied on the boat with the wicked people we were lucky enough to spend the week with. Perhaps my favourite night was Gender Bender on the boat, we anchored down, dressed up in clothes for the opposite sex, watched the sunset and partied in…

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Croatia – Sun, seas and morning sleeps ?>

Croatia – Sun, seas and morning sleeps

The following days were spent sleeping away the morning, waking up to swims in the ocean and a cider in hand and watching the gorgeous Croatian scenery pass us by as we travelled to a new town each day. I can’t even explain waking up, feeling seedy and exhausted but then walking out onto the deck of the boat to the brilliant sunshine and that clear blue water, it’s an instant hang over cure… or almost anyway. Just about every…

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There’s a reason people like hiking ?>

There’s a reason people like hiking

I’ve always been an outdoorsy sort of person; I love sport, running, going for long walks, all that kind of thing, but being from a very flat and relatively barren part of Australia, hiking isn’t something that I’ve logged a lot of time with. This resulted in me having a fairly naive perception of what it’s like. In my mind it’s just a walk up a mountain, probably with a few tough bits in there but overall nothing to panic…

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A crazy little place called Amsterdam – Part 1 ?>

A crazy little place called Amsterdam – Part 1

We landed in Amsterdam on Wednesday the 30th of July to sunshine and the sound of the crazy Dutch language and were giddy with excitement. First thing was first, we made our way to our hostel, a place called The Flying Pig – Uptown; before I continue let me just say I highly recommend this hostel! The rooms were air conditioned (a rarity in Europe), the beds were comfy and the rooms were quiet, I would definitely stay there again….

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A day in Galway ?>

A day in Galway

Galway was FANTASTIC. If you are heading over to Ireland you have to put Galway on your list of places to visit, it’s so quaint, quirky, fun and small enough to get a good feel of the place. We got an early bus to Galway and were there within 2.5 hours, quite an easy trip from one side of Ireland to the other. We checked in at our hostel and then set off to join the walking tour. While we…

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A quick stop and then an island hop ?>

A quick stop and then an island hop

After getting home from Spain we had 10 days to recover, regroup and prepare for the next adventure – Ireland. And believe me I needed those 10 days, between working, cleaning, recovering, my brother arriving from Australia and catching up with friends in London, those 10 days flew! And now here we are, in Ireland. Georgia and I planned this trip a while ago and one of our mates who’s living in London decided to come too. So our little…

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Spain Part 5 – Barcelona! ?>

Spain Part 5 – Barcelona!

After the total madness of Pamplona we were ready to head off to Barcelona for a slightly slower pace and a diet that consisted of more than Sangria. After the bull run on Tuesday the 8th of July, we boarded our bus that would take us the 6 hour journey from Pamplona to Barcelona. We basically resembled the walking dead by this stage and were lacking so much in sleep that I dozed for the whole bus ride; I really…

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Spain Part 3 – Running of the Bulls ?>

Spain Part 3 – Running of the Bulls

Running of the bulls is easily the main attraction of the San Fermin Fetsival. The bull runs are held each morning at 8am for a week during the festival. According to tradition, running with the bulls symbolises a boy becoming a man but these days it attracts thousands of tourists and women are allowed to run as well, although it is frowned upon apparently. From the moment we decided to attend this festival there was no doubt in my mind…

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Spain Part 1 – Arriving in Pamplona & San Sebastian ?>

Spain Part 1 – Arriving in Pamplona & San Sebastian

I can’t describe to you my excitement on Wednesday afternoon when I finally knocked off work and came home to start packing for Spain. My first European holiday for 2014 was finally here. Geo and I packed our bags, we managed to fit 10 days worth of living as well as a sleeping bag and a towel into our backpacks (which I thought was a great effort)  and I even made some ham and salad rolls to take on the road….

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