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My first white Christmas ?>

My first white Christmas

I couldn’t have been more excited about my first white Christmas, and I even managed to get 3 weeks off work so I was able to spend it with friends. I was off to Chamonix, France, for a week with a great group of people. We rented a chalet for the week and planned to spend the days on the slopes, the nights getting drunk and Christmas day eating as much as we could. Our chalet turned out to be amazing…

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Coming home 6 months later ?>

Coming home 6 months later

6 months after leaving my beloved Australia it was time return… but only for 3 weeks for my best friends wedding! I was so excited to be seeing my beautiful family and friends again and even more excited to be a bridesmaid for my beautiful friend Renee, I knew it was going to be an incredibly gorgeous wedding. I had only been working as a nanny for 2 months but I was already looking forward to the time off. The…

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Home Sickness – Or Lack Thereof ?>

Home Sickness – Or Lack Thereof

Let’s start with a throwback to 2011. I was 20 years old, had only been overseas once, (and as part of a school group) I had a boyfriend and very close ties to my friends and family at home. And off I went to Italy on my own. I was petrified, I’m not even exaggerating. I’m surprised I wasn’t throwing up on the day I left because of my nerves, fear and anxiety. I cried literally the whole way to…

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When your best friend gets engaged – to my one and only Renee. ?>

When your best friend gets engaged – to my one and only Renee.

One of favourite movies of all time is ‘Bridesmaids,’ I think it is bloody hilarious and I’m so damn excited that I get to be a bridesmaid for the first time for my beautiful friend. My best friend Renee, got engaged back in February and I just attended her engagement party last Saturday night, but I can assure you my reaction to her engagement was nothing like that of Annie’s when Lillian told her she was engaged. I was completely…

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