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My first white Christmas ?>

My first white Christmas

I couldn’t have been more excited about my first white Christmas, and I even managed to get 3 weeks off work so I was able to spend it with friends. I was off to Chamonix, France, for a week with a great group of people. We rented a chalet for the week and planned to spend the days on the slopes, the nights getting drunk and Christmas day eating as much as we could. Our chalet turned out to be amazing…

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Happy Holidays! ?>

Happy Holidays!

I love December, it would have to be my favourite month of the year. Kids are looking forward to summer/Christmas holidays, shops are stocking Christmas merchandise, people are hanging fairy lights on their houses and the weather is warming up (if you live in Australia). I love the build up to Christmas, I love the anticipation and suspense and I LOVE Christmas Eve. I love Christmas work parties, Christmas carols, lazy Sundays by the pool, balmy nights with a Strongbow…

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