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Wrapping up Croatia ?>

Wrapping up Croatia

There is a reason people go to Croatia for a great time, it is the perfect place to party and have fun without being too hectic. We spent nights out at some amazing places, as well as partied on the boat with the wicked people we were lucky enough to spend the week with. Perhaps my favourite night was Gender Bender on the boat, we anchored down, dressed up in clothes for the opposite sex, watched the sunset and partied in…

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Skydiving! ?>


Thursday the 7th of August 2014. The day I went skydiving for the first time (it won’t be the last), in SWITZERLAND! It was the most mind blowing experience of my life, along with discovering Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice-cream… nah kidding, skydiving was way better than that. I’m going to struggle to write about this, I don’t think my vocabulary is broad enough to perfectly describe the feeling I got when that aeroplane door opened and I jumped…

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There’s a reason people like hiking ?>

There’s a reason people like hiking

I’ve always been an outdoorsy sort of person; I love sport, running, going for long walks, all that kind of thing, but being from a very flat and relatively barren part of Australia, hiking isn’t something that I’ve logged a lot of time with. This resulted in me having a fairly naive perception of what it’s like. In my mind it’s just a walk up a mountain, probably with a few tough bits in there but overall nothing to panic…

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Cruising the Coast of Western Ireland ?>

Cruising the Coast of Western Ireland

This was the part of the trip that I was looking most forward to – hiring a car and driving to all the points of interest along the West Coast of Ireland for 2 days. Total freedom, our own schedule and the wide open road (or rather tiny skinny roads that are impossible to navigate around buses). We picked up the car in Galway and headed South towards our first stop, The Cliffs of Moher. We were very quickly off…

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Spain Part 5 – Barcelona! ?>

Spain Part 5 – Barcelona!

After the total madness of Pamplona we were ready to head off to Barcelona for a slightly slower pace and a diet that consisted of more than Sangria. After the bull run on Tuesday the 8th of July, we boarded our bus that would take us the 6 hour journey from Pamplona to Barcelona. We basically resembled the walking dead by this stage and were lacking so much in sleep that I dozed for the whole bus ride; I really…

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My island adventure ?>

My island adventure

Thursday night was easily the best night so far. After school I breathed a sigh of relief for having made it through my first week of teaching, even though it was only a 3 day week. I headed over to the local council office to meet up with my principal and get final instructions for our night away on an uninhabited island. I was promptly invited to lunch with them and was given a Snickers bar afterwards, I could’ve kissed…

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Take me back to – The French Riviera ?>

Take me back to – The French Riviera

I was sitting at work today with my head buried in a spreadsheet… the same one I’ve been working on for 4 days, and my mind started to wander to a slightly more exciting place and I thought I should write about it for my #TBT dedication. It was Easter 2011 and we had Monday off uni (I was studying in Italy on an exchange program) so me and one of my closest friends Maria, decided that the French Riviera…

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