Seeing the States! ?>

Seeing the States!

A few short weeks after the trip to Courchevel, it was the Easter school holidays and we were off to America!

I had been looking forward to this trip because I’d never been to the states before and I was going to be staying in Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada. I was also dying to catch up with a friend living in Vegas whom I hadn’t seen in 4 years.

The trip over was another ‘first’ for me, we flew First class, direct, all the way from London to Phoenix. It was pretty incredible to have a whole ‘booth’ to myself, once the kids were settled the flight attendant set up my bed (they turn the seat into a bed complete with sheets and a blanket) and I was able to sleep through the night and wake up nice and rested when we arrived in America; certainly beats flying economy.

We stayed in the family’s house in Phoenix but when I say house I mean mansion because this place was enormous and built on Camelback Mountain looking out over all of Phoenix, pretty spectacular. (They own a house in Phoenix because they have family there)

The two weeks we were in Phoenix were spent in the pool escaping the heat, shopping at the impressive american malls I’d been waiting to see and visiting their family, oh and we even went out for pedicures! We ate out almost every day and the restaurants and food I got to experience were soooo good, but absolutely enormous, the obesity epidemic is no surprise after seeing the size of their meals!

Then we went off to Vegas for a week (in a private plane of course). We stayed at The Wynn, in one of their top suites, I can’t really explain how impressive it was, the bathroom in my room alone was bigger than my parents open plan living area. It had a lounge, bar, massage room, 2 huge bedrooms and bathrooms and a massive balcony that looked out over a golf course. We got to order room service every day for breakfast, then we’d head down to the pool and hang out in our rented cabana for the day, order lunch by the pool and then head out for an afternoon activity. I took the kids to the science museum, the New York New York roller coaster and we had a movie arvo in the suite of friends we had staying there.

In the evenings we went out for dinner, I had the best sushi and steak of my life at The Wynn. We also saw the O show and The Beatles show, which were both incredible cirque du soleil performances.

I didn’t get to party or gamble while I was in Vegas because I was working but I did get to spend a few hours with my friend who I hadn’t seen in years which was wonderful.

It was a week with many ups and downs. It sounds very glamorous, jet setting around the world for work and get paid for it but the reality is you have next to no time to yourself, work for weeks on end without a day off and have a lot of responsibility placed upon your shoulders. It’s all up to you pack and unpack the kids bags, to keep peace with the kids, to keep them entertained, to get them to do their homework, to get them ready for bed on time, to make sure you have everything you need when heading out to dinner. All of this is standard when you’re a parent but when you’re a nanny and the parents are around it’s easy for the pressure to get to you.

I was my first long trip away without another nanny around so as much as I enjoyed all the new experiences it was a long 3 weeks and I was so glad to get back to London and head straight out to have dinner with friends and unwind.

It feels a little odd writing posts about private planes, incredible hotel suites and mansions on hillsides when just a 2 years ago I was writing about dealing with poverty and homelessness in Cambodia! But I am here to experience all life has to offer, from extreme poverty to extreme wealth and hopefully everything in between as well.
















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