Writer’s block… or just plain lazy? ?>

Writer’s block… or just plain lazy?

Ok. Time to fess up, own up and face the music.

I have been downright lazy.

These last few weeks have been the longest I have gone without writing anything, not even a single word. Not even a plan of writing or a little spark of inspiration. At first I told myself it was because I was busy but then one week dragged out to two, then 3, then before I knew it a month had passed and still nothing.

There’s been a bit going on; I was living the life in Croatia for a week at the end of August (which I still have to tell you about) and then I came back to England to get back to normal life for the first time in a couple of months.

Normal life =  a new job and moving into London!

My job consists of 13 hour days so I guess at first I was a little busy to write. I wanted to tell you all about Croatia but couldn’t find the time and it loomed in my mind as such a time consuming task that I kept putting it off. I told myself my weekends would become writing time but moving to London has amped up my social life a little and I’m either out and about or feeling too under the weather to open my laptop and put on my creative cap.

And then I wanted to tell you all about my new job, new place and my new chapter in London but I still couldn’t/wouldn’t/didn’t want to open my laptop.

Until now. It’s a Saturday night and after a hectic Friday night I decided a night in with David Attenborough on Netflix was in order (nerd, I know). Unfortunately I couldn’t find a dominos that would deliver to where I live (how ridiculous) but after finding some pizza in the freezer I realised I couldn’t put it off any longer. Here was the time I had been waiting for to get writing again.

I thought by starting out with this little confession I would unblock whatever it is that’s been holding me back for the last few weeks, so stay tuned guys, the recap of Croatia and everything since will be coming up soon!

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