London and a bit of family Love ?>

London and a bit of family Love

The final week of Laine’s stay was spent catching up on some sleep and checking out the sights in London.

I took him to all of my favourite places in London like Brick Lane, the Borough Markets and Carnaby Street, as well as the super popular tourist spots like Oxford circus, Piccadilly Circus and Buckingham Palace. We also did a couple of things I hadn’t done yet; we went on the London Eye, did the London Dungeon show and checked out London Bridge. The weather wasn’t too bad, we managed to only get rained on once and Laine had a great time staying at the Generator Hostel and getting pissed each night.

When it came time to say goodbye (I secretly hope Laine isn’t reading this) I found that I was a bit choked up. When you’ve been away from family for a while and have only seen a handful of people from home you realise how much you appreciate them. Then when you’re brother comes over for a holiday and you spend time together laughing and joking and reminiscing on funny things that have happened in the past, like that time your baby brother put a live chicken in the toilet when we lived on the farm or that time we ate dinner together and only spoke in Family Guy quotes, you realise how much you miss their company, then all of a sudden those 4 weeks feel like they’ve gone in the blink of an eye and you feel devastated and just really sad that you have to say another goodbye all over again.

It was really great having Laine over here, even just for a few weeks, so if anyone at all wants to come and visit you know I’d love to see you!

Luckily for me I will be seeing all of my family again in a few short months when I go home for Ren and Acky’s wedding so I didn’t dwell on the goodbye for too long.

But just long enough to know that I really do love the Harry clan, even Laino 😉



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