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Summer is coming to an end ?>

Summer is coming to an end

After Laine flew back to the land of Aus, I had one week of down time until our final Summer adventure – Croatia. I was feeling a bit deflated, from saying goodbye and also realising I was down to my absolute last dollars (and pounds) and the English weather was not helping. It rained every day, the heating came on and I was sleeping in Winter pj’s – how ridiculous! I went to the gym every day to lift my…

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Home Sickness – Or Lack Thereof ?>

Home Sickness – Or Lack Thereof

Let’s start with a throwback to 2011. I was 20 years old, had only been overseas once, (and as part of a school group) I had a boyfriend and very close ties to my friends and family at home. And off I went to Italy on my own. I was petrified, I’m not even exaggerating. I’m surprised I wasn’t throwing up on the day I left because of my nerves, fear and anxiety. I cried literally the whole way to…

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What a week ?>

What a week

I bet you’re thinking what sort of week did Ki have? Well I have had a nothing sort of week, just the usual 9-5 stuff, but for someone very special it was an incredible week. My lovely friend Teneil has basically dominated at life this week. Scored a 3 pointer. Aimed for the stars and reached them. And I couldn’t be happier for her. At the beginning of the week her and her boyfriend signed off on the house and…

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Happy Holidays! ?>

Happy Holidays!

I love December, it would have to be my favourite month of the year. Kids are looking forward to summer/Christmas holidays, shops are stocking Christmas merchandise, people are hanging fairy lights on their houses and the weather is warming up (if you live in Australia). I love the build up to Christmas, I love the anticipation and suspense and I LOVE Christmas Eve. I love Christmas work parties, Christmas carols, lazy Sundays by the pool, balmy nights with a Strongbow…

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Lightening the mood ?>

Lightening the mood

It’s time to tell you about the weekend spent looking at wedding dresses for the gorgeous Renee – certainly a way to lighten the mood this hump day Wednesday! As I mentioned in this post, my friend Renee (or Ren) is getting married and last weekend we spent two days in Melbourne looking at and trying on gowns – and it was sooo much fun! There was Leah and I (two of the four brisdemaids) and Ren’s mum… and of course Ren…

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When your best friend gets engaged – to my one and only Renee. ?>

When your best friend gets engaged – to my one and only Renee.

One of favourite movies of all time is ‘Bridesmaids,’ I think it is bloody hilarious and I’m so damn excited that I get to be a bridesmaid for the first time for my beautiful friend. My best friend Renee, got engaged back in February and I just attended her engagement party last Saturday night, but I can assure you my reaction to her engagement was nothing like that of Annie’s when Lillian told her she was engaged. I was completely…

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