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Writer’s block… or just plain lazy? ?>

Writer’s block… or just plain lazy?

Ok. Time to fess up, own up and face the music. I have been downright lazy. These last few weeks have been the longest I have gone without writing anything, not even a single word. Not even a plan of writing or a little spark of inspiration. At first I told myself it was because I was busy but then one week dragged out to two, then 3, then before I knew it a month had passed and still nothing….

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London and a bit of family Love ?>

London and a bit of family Love

The final week of Laine’s stay was spent catching up on some sleep and checking out the sights in London. I took him to all of my favourite places in London like Brick Lane, the Borough Markets and Carnaby Street, as well as the super popular tourist spots like Oxford circus, Piccadilly Circus and Buckingham Palace. We also did a couple of things I hadn’t done yet; we went on the London Eye, did the London Dungeon show and checked…

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The breakdown that saved me ?>

The breakdown that saved me

I’ve recently learnt something over here. You have to know when to say no. When it’s ok to throw in the proverbial towel; throw your hands in the air and say screw this I’m not doing it anymore. It’s not in my nature to give up, I have a lot of drive, determination and ambition. I hate feeling like I’ve failed at something so I always try to stick things out and hope for success. Yes I can also be…

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Time to fess up about my savings plan ?>

Time to fess up about my savings plan

Around the time I returned from the Maldives I posted about my savings plan and my goal to save $7000 in 10 weeks. I’m here now to tell you how it went. (Yes a little bit late I realise) I told you that I was trying to stick to a budget of $150 per week, this worked out pretty well most weeks but there were occasions when I had to dip into my back up account. To put it bluntly I…

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How to save a LOT of money in NOT a lot of time. ?>

How to save a LOT of money in NOT a lot of time.

So I was sitting here thinking about what to write and at the same time wondering what I could cook for tea that would cost less than $20 because of my budget (pay day is tomorrow, hallelujah!) and it hit me, write about saving money! Or how to save a lot in little time. Before I went to the Maldives I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to my savings, you know it was December, which meant parties and Christmas…

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My growing to do list. ?>

My growing to do list.

When I was in the Maldives I decided to start a bucket list, a bucket list for my twenties. This list only contains things I can control, for example I can’t put ‘get married’ on there because I’m single, and who knows if I will ever meet the right guy, or meet him in my twenties (I do hope so though), and as a result of not knowing whether I will meet a guy, I can’t put ‘have kids’ on…

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A Shift in Perception ?>

A Shift in Perception

Let me tell you something I absolutely love about this island. The different attitudes the people seem to have and as a result of where I am and who I’m with, the different attitudes that I have. Here is a confession – since I began my weight loss campaign almost 2 years ago, I weigh myself at least weekly, I feel guilty if I have more than one bad meal or treat a day and like most women I love…

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The start of a new year ?>

The start of a new year

Well crikey, here we are – the beginning of 2014… how did that happen? My last post spoke about how much I love December, which is true, I also love fresh starts, new adventures and everything that comes with a new year, but right now I think I have to talk about the low points. After spending the last couple of weeks with some of my favourite people in the whole world, attending work parties, dinners with friends and family,…

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The Differences. ?>

The Differences.

I have been back in Australia for 1.5 days and I can see differences everywhere now. Sitting outside eating lunch I miss the sound of the crazy traffic, horn’s blaring and tyre’s screeching. Walking down the street I miss the constant chatter of street kids, tuk tuk driver’s and shop owners ‘You buy from me miss?’ ‘How are you today miss?’ I miss the grateful smiles of people in the Kandal Province. I miss listening to people’s stories, hearing about…

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That time of year ?>

That time of year

It’s that time of year when you realise it is less than 6 weeks until Christmas. And you almost fall over. And wonder how the hell did that happen!? Wasn’t it only yesterday that you had made it through the first semester of your last year of uni, wasn’t it only a week ago that the footy and netball season was starting and wasn’t it only a month ago that we were saying goodbye to Summer…? And now here we…

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