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Seeing the States! ?>

Seeing the States!

A few short weeks after the trip to Courchevel, it was the Easter school holidays and we were off to America! I had been looking forward to this trip because I’d never been to the states before and I was going to be staying in Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada. I was also dying to catch up with a friend living in Vegas whom I hadn’t seen in 4 years. The trip over was another ‘first’ for me, we…

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My first white Christmas ?>

My first white Christmas

I couldn’t have been more excited about my first white Christmas, and I even managed to get 3 weeks off work so I was able to spend it with friends. I was off to Chamonix, France, for a week with a great group of people. We rented a chalet for the week and planned to spend the days on the slopes, the nights getting drunk and Christmas day eating as much as we could. Our chalet turned out to be amazing…

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Coming home 6 months later ?>

Coming home 6 months later

6 months after leaving my beloved Australia it was time return… but only for 3 weeks for my best friends wedding! I was so excited to be seeing my beautiful family and friends again and even more excited to be a bridesmaid for my beautiful friend Renee, I knew it was going to be an incredibly gorgeous wedding. I had only been working as a nanny for 2 months but I was already looking forward to the time off. The…

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Wrapping up Croatia ?>

Wrapping up Croatia

There is a reason people go to Croatia for a great time, it is the perfect place to party and have fun without being too hectic. We spent nights out at some amazing places, as well as partied on the boat with the wicked people we were lucky enough to spend the week with. Perhaps my favourite night was Gender Bender on the boat, we anchored down, dressed up in clothes for the opposite sex, watched the sunset and partied in…

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Croatia – Sun, seas and morning sleeps ?>

Croatia – Sun, seas and morning sleeps

The following days were spent sleeping away the morning, waking up to swims in the ocean and a cider in hand and watching the gorgeous Croatian scenery pass us by as we travelled to a new town each day. I can’t even explain waking up, feeling seedy and exhausted but then walking out onto the deck of the boat to the brilliant sunshine and that clear blue water, it’s an instant hang over cure… or almost anyway. Just about every…

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Summer is coming to an end ?>

Summer is coming to an end

After Laine flew back to the land of Aus, I had one week of down time until our final Summer adventure – Croatia. I was feeling a bit deflated, from saying goodbye and also realising I was down to my absolute last dollars (and pounds) and the English weather was not helping. It rained every day, the heating came on and I was sleeping in Winter pj’s – how ridiculous! I went to the gym every day to lift my…

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London and a bit of family Love ?>

London and a bit of family Love

The final week of Laine’s stay was spent catching up on some sleep and checking out the sights in London. I took him to all of my favourite places in London like Brick Lane, the Borough Markets and Carnaby Street, as well as the super popular tourist spots like Oxford circus, Piccadilly Circus and Buckingham Palace. We also did a couple of things I hadn’t done yet; we went on the London Eye, did the London Dungeon show and checked…

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The land of cheese, chocolates and stunning watches. ?>

The land of cheese, chocolates and stunning watches.

Our last afternoon in Switzerland was quiet and relaxing, we walked to the lake, checked out the golf course, played pool in our hostel and then had a feed and some beers at Hooters – mainly because we thought it was funny that there was a Hooters in Interlaken… But also because Laine wanted to check out their racks. It was coming to the end of our stay and I was really sad to be leaving. Interlaken is such a…

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A place of unparalleled beauty – Switzerland ?>

A place of unparalleled beauty – Switzerland

From the minute we were making our way through the Swiss countryside in the 2 story train that barely made a sound, I was in love. Deeply, madly, irrevocably in love with this country. It’s green, peaceful, clear, clean and those mountains… just stunning. We arrived in Interlaken, which is nestled between 2 lakes and mountains, at around 1pm. We found our hostel easily because a friendly local who had stopped to chat walked us there and told us that…

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A slightly quieter place called Amsterdam – Part 2 ?>

A slightly quieter place called Amsterdam – Part 2

Saturday rolled around and we were due for a rest, we had a massive sleep in, lazed around in the hostel for a bit in the morning and then braved the roads again to return our bikes. We rode around Vondelpark first, which was right by our hostel and it was just lovely; ponds and BBQs and people having picnics were everywhere, perfect way to spend a relaxing weekend! Once we had returned our bikes we walked (or rather hobbled…

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