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London and a bit of family Love ?>

London and a bit of family Love

The final week of Laine’s stay was spent catching up on some sleep and checking out the sights in London. I took him to all of my favourite places in London like Brick Lane, the Borough Markets and Carnaby Street, as well as the super popular tourist spots like Oxford circus, Piccadilly Circus and Buckingham Palace. We also did a couple of things I hadn’t done yet; we went on the London Eye, did the London Dungeon show and checked…

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The land of cheese, chocolates and stunning watches. ?>

The land of cheese, chocolates and stunning watches.

Our last afternoon in Switzerland was quiet and relaxing, we walked to the lake, checked out the golf course, played pool in our hostel and then had a feed and some beers at Hooters – mainly because we thought it was funny that there was a Hooters in Interlaken… But also because Laine wanted to check out their racks. It was coming to the end of our stay and I was really sad to be leaving. Interlaken is such a…

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Skydiving! ?>


Thursday the 7th of August 2014. The day I went skydiving for the first time (it won’t be the last), in SWITZERLAND! It was the most mind blowing experience of my life, along with discovering Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice-cream… nah kidding, skydiving was way better than that. I’m going to struggle to write about this, I don’t think my vocabulary is broad enough to perfectly describe the feeling I got when that aeroplane door opened and I jumped…

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There’s a reason people like hiking ?>

There’s a reason people like hiking

I’ve always been an outdoorsy sort of person; I love sport, running, going for long walks, all that kind of thing, but being from a very flat and relatively barren part of Australia, hiking isn’t something that I’ve logged a lot of time with. This resulted in me having a fairly naive perception of what it’s like. In my mind it’s just a walk up a mountain, probably with a few tough bits in there but overall nothing to panic…

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A place of unparalleled beauty – Switzerland ?>

A place of unparalleled beauty – Switzerland

From the minute we were making our way through the Swiss countryside in the 2 story train that barely made a sound, I was in love. Deeply, madly, irrevocably in love with this country. It’s green, peaceful, clear, clean and those mountains… just stunning. We arrived in Interlaken, which is nestled between 2 lakes and mountains, at around 1pm. We found our hostel easily because a friendly local who had stopped to chat walked us there and told us that…

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A slightly quieter place called Amsterdam – Part 2 ?>

A slightly quieter place called Amsterdam – Part 2

Saturday rolled around and we were due for a rest, we had a massive sleep in, lazed around in the hostel for a bit in the morning and then braved the roads again to return our bikes. We rode around Vondelpark first, which was right by our hostel and it was just lovely; ponds and BBQs and people having picnics were everywhere, perfect way to spend a relaxing weekend! Once we had returned our bikes we walked (or rather hobbled…

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A crazy little place called Amsterdam – Part 1 ?>

A crazy little place called Amsterdam – Part 1

We landed in Amsterdam on Wednesday the 30th of July to sunshine and the sound of the crazy Dutch language and were giddy with excitement. First thing was first, we made our way to our hostel, a place called The Flying Pig – Uptown; before I continue let me just say I highly recommend this hostel! The rooms were air conditioned (a rarity in Europe), the beds were comfy and the rooms were quiet, I would definitely stay there again….

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Cruising the Coast of Western Ireland ?>

Cruising the Coast of Western Ireland

This was the part of the trip that I was looking most forward to – hiring a car and driving to all the points of interest along the West Coast of Ireland for 2 days. Total freedom, our own schedule and the wide open road (or rather tiny skinny roads that are impossible to navigate around buses). We picked up the car in Galway and headed South towards our first stop, The Cliffs of Moher. We were very quickly off…

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A day in Galway ?>

A day in Galway

Galway was FANTASTIC. If you are heading over to Ireland you have to put Galway on your list of places to visit, it’s so quaint, quirky, fun and small enough to get a good feel of the place. We got an early bus to Galway and were there within 2.5 hours, quite an easy trip from one side of Ireland to the other. We checked in at our hostel and then set off to join the walking tour. While we…

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A quick stop and then an island hop ?>

A quick stop and then an island hop

After getting home from Spain we had 10 days to recover, regroup and prepare for the next adventure – Ireland. And believe me I needed those 10 days, between working, cleaning, recovering, my brother arriving from Australia and catching up with friends in London, those 10 days flew! And now here we are, in Ireland. Georgia and I planned this trip a while ago and one of our mates who’s living in London decided to come too. So our little…

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